Supreme Ryder Down!

Update 11/07/07
I’m happy to say that Jamie(Slyder) is doing much better than before.  He was released from the ICU and place into the Trauma Unit of the Hospital.  Like many out there, We wish him a speedy and full recovery. 

 I can’t wait to see your smile again, brother.
Update 10/31/2007I’m Not a genius, or a scientist.  But […]

Ferry Run; Bridgeport CT

On that sweet Sunday morning, the air was crisp, Roads were dry, and Visibilty was more than enough.  It was time to push that Ferry Run in honor of Junior, Patty, and Aie.  The route was mapped out simple and easy: 70 miles from Balwdwin,NY to Bridgeport CT.  Ferry connection back to NY.  Then 45 miles […]

Ruff Ryders Florida Chapter

Supreme Ryderz was very honored to join Ruff Ryders in a fund raiser BBQ.  It was a pleasure to come out and enjoy the eye candy, festivities, and Fun galore.  You can call on Supreme Ryderz anytime.