Tri-State Sport Bikes

On Sunday morning, 7am, NY was basically under the the dark clouds spitting rain water at us.  But that did not stop 11 or so sportbike members from the forum, Tristatesportbikes, from meeting up and putting their tires to the test against the damp and cold surface of NY and NJ.
  While it was a […]

Lost of Sir John of N21

Sunday April 13th 2008
After a most successful and prosperus night at Club Amazura in Jamaica Queens, Sir John Of the N21 crew was on his way back home when his bike was hit by a Druken driver, killing him on the scene.  Not more than 12 hour later, the entire motorcycle community, more than 1000 […]

Don’t let us suffer too.

Yo write the Mayor & ur elected officials & tell them to exempt motorcycles from this congestion policy. We will pay too. Londons policy exempts us & NYC was somewhat based on theirs. This will become law on Monday as they will lose Federal $ after 4/7. - make ur voice heard today!!
Us AMA Rapid […]