The Pre-Lim to Sickle Cell; RC’s Meeting

Many people out there thinks that a run is just a run. But there’s a lot of planning that goes along with such a responsibliity and it takes many to actually complete it.
One of the major components of the Sickle Cell run are the R.C’s also know as the Road Captains. […]

CCMS Information Meeting

At any given time, you can access most and all of this info at the following junctions:
These sites and information provided gives the average rider the knowledge that he/she needs to survive while operating their motorcycle on the streets of New York City.
Last night, I witness the the truth. Clubs coming together to […]

N21 shows out

There are many different times that I can say that I’ve entered Club Amazura and I sense the way things will be from the opening of the doiors to the closing. Its just one of those sick senses that you aquire over the years. So with saying that, N21 and Club Amazura was […]