The Induction of Supreme Ryderz PA

Its not unusual to see horses line the street in the middle of a weekend, Barbecue flaming on, Laughter in the air, and the atmosphere filled with that passionate love we all twist that throttle for. Its not unusual to want to be there surrounded with what most never feel in their lives, a […]


This is one event that everyone knows that Iím crazy about and I’m not afraid to hussle hard for, after all, I couldnít have gotten any closer than holding Patty as she laid there. Both of us trying to hold on to something only God knew we had to right to. But her dream is […]

Krupt Mob 2009

It was yet another scene of motorcycles and riders liming the spotlight on Supthin Blvd. for krupt Mobís shin dig. Help at a cozy spot call the S&L Banquet Hall it was a haven from the cold dead night and those longing to feel the atmosphere of the MC community.

Supreme Ryderz was accompanied […]