Lost of an Icon 2; GT RIP

Update as of Tuesday Sept. 23rd, 2008
The family of GT has set the dates for his wake and Funeral. Services for Gt’s Wake will be held on Friday Sept. 26th From 4pm to 9pm. Services for his Funeral will be held on Saturday Sept. 27th from 11am to 1pm.
The address and location […]

Lost of an Icon; Gordon Ross (GT)

I Never thought that I would be writing these words but:

From Farwell Father Gordon Ross

It is with the greatest sympathy that I announce the passing of Gordon Ross. The Father of Da Rock Allstarz, The Guru of the Motorcycle community, The teacher of most if not all. Gordon(GT) passed on Sept. 21st on his morning […]

Junior 1000

On July 22nd, Supreme Ryderz lost a close friend by the name known as Junior 1000.  Junior, a member of Da Rock Allstarz, was a great rider and an exceptional friend, who always had a smile on his face when he saw you.  His only reasons for life, beside his family, friends, and work was to ride.
A […]