K9 Yami R1; Sucks!

With all the R&D that goes into the new Gen super sportbikes, you think Yamaha would go to the extreme and do a little more research into the competition. I think somewhere along the line, sombody screw up. Take a look at the Dyno charts with a full Akrapovic System. If the […]

Good old Ol’town

Nothing beats Thursday nights in the Orlando area, like that of Bike night in Ol’town.  Well, actually, getting locked out and breaking into your own crib might just do it (Sorry Prezi).  But it fails in comparison to meeting up with one of the coolest clubs coming up in the Orlando area for the weekly ritual […]

Junior 1000

On July 22nd, Supreme Ryderz lost a close friend by the name known as Junior 1000.  Junior, a member of Da Rock Allstarz, was a great rider and an exceptional friend, who always had a smile on his face when he saw you.  His only reasons for life, beside his family, friends, and work was to ride.
A […]